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SustainabilityXchange is a knowledge-sharing platform for sustainable supply chain development. It is an easy-to-use, free and interactive platform designed to pool knowledge, provide information, and share experiences among practitioners in the field of socially responsible, inclusive and environmentally friendly – and therefore sustainable – global value chains.

The mission of SustainabilityXchange is to upscale the efforts to link stakeholders who are committed to driving sustainable production, improving working conditions and respecting human rights in global supply chains.

It is designed to help users navigate and mainstream sustainability into their operations, providing:

  • A gateway of information focused on improving their performance with regard to sustainable supply chain development: training and capacity building materials, information services and community-organized events.
  • Easy access to local service providers who can help small producers, retailers and brands to realize sustainable improvements in their production and business practices. 



Consultants and Trainers: promote your services to the sustainability community, develop your network and explore relevant business opportunities.

International agencies, NGOs: promote your unique expertise and willingness to engage as a relevant stakeholder with the business community.

Buyers for businesses/wholesalers: build awareness around sustainability issues relevant to your industry and the countries you source from, and access local experts who can support your responsible supply chain activities in key sourcing countries.

Trade Unions: demonstrate your position as a relevant stakeholder for business to engage with, and promote the benefits and importance of good industrial relations to the sustainability community as a whole.

Are you a policy maker, a policy influencer, or simply a sustainability enthusiast? SustainabilityXchange is an effective tool for you to interact and engage in dialogue with other stakeholders in sustainable business, and search for the latest and most relevant information.


Go beyond the publicly available materials and create your own user profile to enter the active SustainabilityXchange community.



Get Connected

Directory services


Directory provides space for its users to become really active: here you can create your full profile and promote your services. This in turn develops a possibility for other users to search and select institutions, companies, experts, trainers and consultants specialized in sustainability-related themes trade. Expertise is organised according to the users’ skills and expertise, allowing for easy and quick search.


Community services


Community Forum is the interactive meeting place of SustainabilityXchange. Through a series of facilitated discussions, users can post, search and get answers for questions relevant to their business or practice.



Gain Insight

                Library Services           


Library offers an ever-growing collection of widely sourced public information and capacity building material to provide training, advisory and information services. Organised in a user-friendly way, it allows its users to search for relevant information and materials in the areas of their interest, be it product-, service- or language-specific. Users are invited to expand continuously this collection with their authored documents, respecting the principles of publicly shared intellectual works.               



Events calendar allows users to search in the key dates in the international calendar on capacity building in sustainability: workshops, trainings, major events.




News & Jobs collects the latest news on sustainable supply chains, and advertises job opportunities submitted by SustainabilityXchange users.



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