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Is market systems development approach blind to sustainable agriculture?

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Zenebe Uraguchi

Concerns about unsustainable practices in development are legitimate. It’s true that non-judicious use of chemicals and pesticides is contributing to ecological degradation and affecting the health of consumers. It’s true that poor and disadvantaged farmers aren’t getting equitable benefits such as income compared to bigger and more powerful private sector actors. It’s also true that legal frameworks for ensuring quality standards in many countries aren’t functioning well.   

Is market systems development approach a dogma that turns a blind eye to such challenges and concerns? In this blog post, I try to show how such concerns should move away from the need to do or have nice things and be based more on understanding the underlying questions that market systems development ask.



July 05, 2015 00:51

That is not true the problem is neither wrong attitude nor lack of understanding. The problem is always what to do to achieve sustainability, who are to be the real actors and which is the real field to work at to achieve the goals for sustainability but who are the unwanted people to be involved in the process. From my experience mistakes are done on the latter to allow unwanted people in the process who derail the whole objective.

Think over trying to educate farmers on usage of bio pesticide by involving agro dealers to become team to sensitize farmers on the importance of make shift from synthetic pesticide to bio pesticide. Will you achieve anything ? the answer is definitely no. Same is the scenerio in many places. 

March 01, 2016 11:11