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User Feedback 2015

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SustainabilityXchange (sXc) is established and functioning,  +800 materials in the library, +500 registered members, +1,500 visitors per month. However, thousands of field level practitioners of sustainable value chains haven’t been reached yet – they are probably not yet aware of the existence of sXc. We would like to get your advice on how we can further improve outreach and usefulness of sXc. Any suggestion on:

  1. How can sustainabilityXchange reach more practitioners at field level?
  2. How can we involve practitioners better so that their actual capacity building needs are served?

Simultaneously we conduct a user survey to get feedback on the functionality and content of sXc. Please take a few minutes to fill in the short questionnaire at the following link: survey 2015 »



SustainabilityXchange (sXc) est mis en place et fonctionne, +800 documents disponibles dans la librairie, +500 utilisateurs enregistrés, +1,500 visiteurs par mois. Pourtant, des milliers de praticiens de mises en chaîne de valeur au niveau du terrain n’ont pas encore été atteint. Ils ne sont pas au courant de l’existence de sXc. Nous aimerions avoir votre avis sur comment améliorer la sensibilisation et l’utilité de sXc. Avez-vous des suggestions sur

  1. Comment la plateforme sutainabilityXchange peut atteindre plus de praticiens au niveau du terrain
  2. Comment pouvons-nous mieux impliquer les praticiens (ou les professionnels ?) afin que leurs besoins actuels de renforcement des capacités soient comblés ?

En parallèle, nous effectuons un sondage auprès des utilisateurs sur la fonctionnalité et le contenu de sXc. Merci de prendre quelques minutes pour remplir le questionnaire suivant : cliquez ici »



SustainabilityXchange (sXc) está establecida y en funcionamiento, +800 documents en la bibliioteca, +500 usuarios registrados, +1,500 visitantes por mes. Aún así, todavía no hemos llegado a miles de profesionales en el área de cadenas de valor sostenible - quizá no saben de la existencia de sXc. Quisiéramos tener sus consejos sobre cómo mejorar el alcance y la utilidad de sXc. Cualquier sugerencia es bienvenida en torno a:

1. Cómo hacer para que sXc llegue a más profesionales en el terreno?

2. Cómo hacer para que más profesionales formen parte, para que sus necesidades de desarrollo de capacidades se cubran?

Al mismo tiempo estamos llevando a cabo una encuesta para tener su retroalimentación sobre la funcionalidad de la plataforma y el contenido de sXc. Porfavor tome unos minutos para responder el cuestionario corto, en este link: encuesta 2015 »

November 03, 2015 15:38

Reaching out to field level practitioners like staff of cooperatives or processing and export companies, trainers and consultants or NGOs facilitating value chains is not an easy task. There are thousands of them scattered around the globe and there is no central organisational unit. Hence we need to make use of various options to reach increasing coverage. Here is what we (Helvetas) tried so far, with some succes:

  • Mailings to our own field staff, partners and networks to invite them to join
  • Approaching other supporting organisations of sustainable production and trade
  • Spreading the information about SustainabilityXchange through networks of rural service providers (e.g. GFRAS)
  • Providing information about the platform in newsletters and communities of practice related to sustainable agriculture and trade

What we probably should do more - and where we need your support - is:

  • Individually suggest to people engaged in supporting sustainable production and trade to invite their field staff and partners to join and make use of SustainabilityXchange
  • Spread the information through companies that source sustainable products
  • Include the information in newsletters etc. that reach field level practitioners of sustainable production and trade
  • Mention sustainabilityXchange at events related to sustainable production and trade

ITC developed some practical templates for emails, news items and presentations (slides) that make this job easy (you can get them by sending a request to Do you have any hints on which organisations, companies or networks SustainabilityXchange should connect with?

November 18, 2015 14:38