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Dear members

We hope you all had a good start into 2015!

This year we want to facilitate several e-Discussions in our Forum, on topics that are of your interest, and relevant to the work you do. To make this happen, we will use a participatory approach: we invite you to share with us your ideas about topics that you want to discuss in the Forum.

→ Please leave us a comment below, with your ideas for a discussion

After receiving your ideas, our team will review all proposals and select a few. The selected topics will become a “moderated discussion”, click here to learn more.

Thank you, Frank, Marjoleine & Cesar


Vos idées pour le Forum de Discussion en ligne

Chers membres 

Nous espérons que vous avez passé un bon début d’année !

Cette année, nous voulons faciliter plusieurs e-discussions dans notre Forum sur des sujets de votre intérêt et pertinent pour votre travail.

Pour ce faire, nous allons utiliser une approche participative: nous vous invitons à partager avec nous toutes les idées de sujets que vous souhaitez discuter dans le Forum.

→ Laissez-nous donc un commentaire avec vos idées pour une discussion (ci-dessous)

 Après avoir reçu vos idées, notre équipe examinera les propositions et en choisira quelques-unes. Les sujets sélectionnés deviendront une " discussion animée “, cliquez ici pour en savoir plus.

Merci, Frank, Marjoleine & Cesar


Sus ideas para el foro de discusión en línea

Estimados miembros

Esperamos que hayan tenido un buen inicio este 2015!

Este año queremos facilitar varias discusiones electrónicas en nuestro Foro, en temas que sean de su interés y relevancia. Para que esto suceda, queremos usar un enfoque participativo: los invitamos a que compartan con nosotros sus ideas sobre temas que quieran discutir en el foro.

 Por favor deja tu comentario debajo, con ideas para las discusiones

Una vez que recibamos sus ideas, nuestro equipo revisará las propuestas y seleccionará algunas, para llevar a cabo discusiones facilitadas por expertos (haga click aquí para saber más).

Gracias, Frank, Marjoleine & Cesar

January 26, 2015 18:13

Hi All !! I am interested to have more discussion on promotion of rotational crops (production as well as effective market linkage) which can do well with Basmati Rice.
Secondly i am interested to know how to upscale the SRI and methods for its effective adoption by small farmers.
Thirdly how to effectively implement the ICS (Internal Control System) and methods to reduce the documentation required in ICS.

January 29, 2015 18:39

Dear Ashish, thank you for your suggestions. They are important topics in the management and cultivation of sustainable farming systems. The library of SustainabilityXchange gives some information. Did you see this one on rotation? Also, please search the library on ICS, you will find at least 10 interesting publications like manuals and guides. Please let us know if these are useful to you.

February 09, 2015 16:18

In coffee, I suggest the following topics: a) productivity vs deforestation (the case of some Central American countries), waste management (waste water and pulp from the coffee milling) in small farms and biggest coffee mills, and c) managing (control) of pests and diseases (common and new ones) without banned agro-chemicals (IMP) in all size of farms, but most in small holders (they have less access to technical training or education).

January 30, 2015 20:10

Hola Guillermo. These are interesting suggestions for a discussion on a mere technical and production level - thank you for suggesting them. I am not a coffee specialist myself, but saw that the library of SustainabilityXchange contains several items on IPM in coffee. You might like to have a look.

February 09, 2015 16:25

Our previous discussion was about how to efficiently organize large numbers of smallholders.
One of the problems I encounter in working with smallholders, seems to be a lacking long term vision amongst smallholders. Or, as one of the board members of a smallholder organisation once said to me: "smallholders think small".

I never exactly understood why. Until I read this article: , about the poverty trap in the United States.

I would be interested in hearing your experience with such poverty trap, and how you deal with this in your smallholder projects.

February 01, 2015 16:48

Dear all, would be great to discuss some issues about sustainable cattle production at different regions. Eduardo - Brazil

February 11, 2015 16:45

Dear Eduardo,

Thank you for your suggestion. The focus for the new discussion is on partnerships as you might have seen and we of course hope that this is also interesting for you.

Regarding cattle production I would like to direct you to the SAI Platform as they have worked on sustainable beef farming -

Regards, Marjoleine

February 17, 2015 14:22