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Good Practices for the Establishment of a New Cashew Farm

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Good Practices for the Establishment of a New Cashew Farm



The block of pictures is accomplished to facilitate the sessions of animation with the farmers for the establishment of their new cashew orchards. It’s instructive in form, picture on the front and text on the overleaf this helps the animator to get the key messages across with the aim of the improvingactual practices.The animator will need almost one hour to communicate the key messagescontained in this block of pictures. Questions and answers act as a guide for theanimator and should not be read continuously during the session with thefarmers.Suggestions of modifications by the farmers are welcome for the improvementof this block of pictures.Site selectionLand clearingLine and PeggingDigging the holesRefilling the planting holesPlantingFertilizerSeed nut selectionSowing of seed nutsProtecting the young plantsWeeding and establishment of intercrops in the new cashew farmGap fillingPruning the young cashew tree

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