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Homologa™ - The Global Crop Protection Database

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Homologa™ - The Global Crop Protection Database

The Global Crop Protection Database of MRLs and current product registrations


Spotting risks in the food chain is a daily challenge faced by growers, importers, producers, retailers, laboratories and regulators. It is a task made all the more difficult by having to wade through endless reports, other information sources (often in foreign languages) and trying to compare the results of this search cross-country just to find the bits that might apply to you. The regulatory framework concerning the occurrence of pesticide residues (MRLs) is changing. The standardization of the MRLs for EU members helps but there is still the problem with registered versus expired (last use/expire date) agrochemicals. Sometimes no MRL exists but there are still agrochemicals in use with this active substance in the country. Homologa™ is set to change all that. Available for use in primary production by product and regulatory managers, researchers, laboratories and agricultural consultants, and in the food industry by retailers, food processors and food chain managers, Homologa provides agronomic information including the current pesticide product approval status (expired agrochemicals are also included) of over five dozen countries together with the MRLs, to support strategic business decisions and ensure compliance within the prevailing regulatory frameworks. Homologa™ facilitates the access to regulatory data and hence saves important resources to its subscribers. There are numerous examples in which Homologa™ has been used to resolve critical problems. Subscribers can search online for expired and registered crop protection products as well as their associated MRLs in several countries in a single report. There is also the possibility to receive alert e-mails when registrations or MRLs change. In addition, the latest version of Homologa™ provides access to product label information for many countries and companies. The database can also be used for the search of available pest solutions for Minor Uses. The Homologa™ Team and its global collaborators update constantly the database. Today the mark of 20 mio lines of registration data is passed and will continue to increase further. In the documents to download you will find various documents about the content of Homologa as well as the country coverage. The access to the Homologa™ database online ( works on the basis of yearly subscriptions. Homologa™ also offers the opportunity to buy pdf reports on a one time basis via the "Homologa™ REPORTS" website ( you can register and pay the reports directly by credit card and the pdf will be sent to you via email.

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