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Trade in Quinoa

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Trade in Quinoa

Impact on the Welfare of Peruvian Communities


This report examines the impact of the international quinoa prices on the livelihoods of communities in the Peruvian altiplano. The paper presents results of an ITC household survey showing that the wellbeing of households in traditional quinoa growing regions has risen and fallen along with quinoa prices. Quinoa-growing households benefited from higher quinoa prices at the height of the quinoa price boom of 2013 and their welfare declined as prices have fallen since 2014. Farmers are willing to help efforts to increase biodiversity to combat the problem of monoculture that has resulted from an increased focus on exporting a single quinoa variety. The report is relevant for importers and exporters, regulators, policymakers, non-governmental organizations, community representatives and researchers seeking to improve sustainability of the quinoa trade and the associated benefits derived by local people in Peru.

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