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The CHOCOTHON initiative aims to empower and connect cocoa farmers and create new opportunities for them and other value chain stakeholders in cocoa production and to reduce supply disruption risks. Joining together the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘hackathon,’ Chocothon Ghana gathered computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers to collaborate intensively on software innovation projects to reduce sustainability challenges.

The first edition of Chocothon was launched in Ghana to promote a shared-value platform for sustainable cocoa supply chains. Chocothon’s first edition programme was delivered in three phases:  

  1. Share knowledge: Conferences, workshops and meetings to allow the exchange of ideas, identification of challenges as well as the coordination of development and implementation of solutions that will benefit the platform members. 
  2. Connect stakeholders: ‘Hackathon’ type event bringing together actors using cutting edge technology to develop global public online tools and offline solutions such as applications that tackle obstacles to connecting upstream to downstream actors in the cocoa supply chain.
  3. Empower producer: Tailored made trainings delivered and tools presented to cocoa producers according to their technical needs to implement sustainable practices in the cocoa production and trading activities.

Based on the imperative that ‘true impact’ is only achieved through consensus, compromise and cooperation, this initiative is based on a partnership between the Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) project of the International Trade Centre (ITC), the Google Food Lab (GFL), Business School Lausanne (BSL), Future Food Institute and the Crowdfooding platform. The knowledge partners are Googlers Give Global Leadership Program, Google Accra, Nestlé and Barry Callebaut and the Media partners: Food Inspiration and Food Tech Connect. 

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chocothon ghana - overview of cocoa value chain in ghana


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Emmanuel Awuni Chocothon 2017 Presentation delivered by Emmanuel Awuni (Private Sector Development & Trade Specialist - Swiss Embassy) at the first phase of Chocothon Ghana Initiative 2017.
chocothon ghana - cocoa certification - challenges and solutions for encouraging sustainable cocoa production and trade


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Albertine de Lange Chocothon 2017 Presentation delivered by Albertine de Lange (Sector Parnetships Ghana - UTZ Certified) at the first phase of Chocothon Ghana initiative in January 2017.
chocothon ghana - sustainable livelihood for farmers – making use of technological innovation


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Dan Gyinaye Poku Chocothon 2017 Presentation delivered by Dan Gyinaye Poku (Technical Systems Manager – Hovver) at the first phase of Chocothon Ghana initiative 2017.
chocothon ghana - current situation of cocoa farming practices in ghana - challenges to implement sustainable practices


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Isaac Gyamfi Chocothon 2017 Presentation delivered by Isaac Gyamfi (Regional Director – Solidaridad West Africa) at the first phase of Chocothon Ghana initiative in January 2017.
chocothon ghana - the reality of ghanaian cocoa farmers


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Edward Akapire Chocothon 2017 Presentation delivered by Edward Akapire (Head of Region – Fairtrade Africa) at the first phase of Chocothon Ghana initiative in January 2017.


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  • Sandra Cabrera - Leicht

    ITC, International Trade Centre ( Petra Walterova, Madison Wilcox, Ana Patricia Batalhone - contact persons for this organization in SxC), Chocothon

    Position: Advisor Sustainability Standards & Value Chains - Trade for Sustainable Development - T4SD project

    Working languages: English, Spanish

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting, Data Collection, Facilitating Workshop and Seminars, Information Management, Market Analysis, Market Research - Online Information Retrieval, Market Development, Sustainability management tools development, Training of Trainers

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