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The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. Our aim is for businesses in developing countries to become more competitive in global markets, speeding economic development and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations’ Global Goals for sustainable development. ITC's mission is to foster sustainable economic development and contribute to achieving the United Nations Global Goals for sustainable development in developing countries and transition economies through trade and international business development. In sum, we seek to promote trade impact for good.

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Year of establishment: 
(41-22) 730 01 11
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54-56 rue de Montbrillant, Geneva
Working language(s):
English, Spanish, French
Expertise in Sustainability *:
Training and capacity building
Marketing & trade
Marginalised populations
Ethical trade


Hello all,

I am updating below the people we are reaching out to for copyright permission. This means that we either have or shortly will send copyright requests to these organizations and will most likely be uploading documents primarily from these sources. This list is subject to change and is not definitive, but is meant to give you an idea of who we have reached out to.

Rainforest Alliance
World Bank
GIZ, specific documents
Hanns R Neumann Stiftung (and Sustaineo)
CEMAD Panama
ABNT Ecolabel
Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department
Conservation Farming Unit (Zambia)
Cotton Made in Africa
The Landmark Project
Coffee Development Fund (Kenya)
Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK)
Coffee & Climate

Please let us know if you have any questions or feel there are organizations missing that should be on this list (aka others you believed ITC was reaching out to). Thanks

Documents associated to this organization.

Title Author(s) Publisher Publication Year Abstract
trends in the trade of certified coffees


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Joost Pierrot, Daniele Giovannucci, Alexander Kasterine ITC, International Trade Centre 2011 Coffee is the world's most important agricultural crop in terms of trade volumes; it is exported by 60 countries and is one of the few major commodities grown predominantly by smallholder farmers. This report: presents an overview of the market trends for coffee certified as ‘sustainable’ over most...
consumer conscience


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Peter Hulm ITC, International Trade Centre 2009 This report on the ITC World Export Development Forum on Consumers, Ethics and Environment (October 2008), reflects on what ethical trade means, the growth in the global fair trade and ethical markets, how entrepreneurs in developing countries can break into these markets, and what trade support...
increasing access to credit


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Georges Affaki ITC, International Trade Centre 2011 This study invites national legislators as well as all those involved in enhancing the national business environment to consider secured financing schemes that will allow an increase in the amount of credit offered to SMEs. The reasoning is simple: allow as collateral property that SMEs usually...
the organic standard in the market for sustainable products


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Oliver von Hagen, Alexander Kasterine ITC, International Trade Centre 2010 In collaboration with ITCs Trade and Environment Programme the Standards Map team contributed a paper to the The World of Organic Agriculture - Statistics and Emerging Trends 2011 published by FiBL and IFOAM. The paper outlines the nature of competition to the organic standard from other...
voluntary standards: boom or bust for developing countries


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Not Specified ITC, International Trade Centre 2010 This is Chapter IV of the publication Market Access, Transparency and Fairness in Global Trade, published by the International Trade Centre. This chapter discusses the opportunities and risks related to voluntary private standards and looks into the social, economic and environmental impacts of...


Users associated to this organization.

  • Regina Taimasova

    ITC, International Trade Centre ( Petra Walterova, Madison Wilcox, Ana Patricia Batalhone - contact persons for this organization in SxC)

    Position: Research Consultant

    Working languages: English, Russian, French

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting, Market Research - Online Information Retrieval

    User Endorsement:

  • Petra Walterova

    ITC, International Trade Centre ( Petra Walterova, Madison Wilcox, Ana Patricia Batalhone - contact persons for this organization in SxC)

    Position: Consultant

    Working languages: English, French, Czech, Slovak

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting

    User Endorsement: Frank Eyhorn, Gregory Sampson, Mathieu Lamolle, Ana Patricia Batalhone

    # documents uploaded: 17

    # documents approved: 17

    # of contributions in forum: 1

  • Gregory Sampson

    ITC, International Trade Centre ( Petra Walterova, Madison Wilcox, Ana Patricia Batalhone - contact persons for this organization in SxC)

    Position: Lead Solution Architect

    Working languages: English, French

    Skill Specialization: Website Analysis / Evaluation For Trade Information Dissemination, Web and Social Media, Value Chain Analysis, Training Materials Design and Development, Training Needs and Capacitiy Assessment, Sustainability management tools development, Project Design and Management, Market Development, Export Market Development, Business Intelligence / Information

    Organization Endorsement: ITC, International Trade Centre

    User Endorsement: Joseph Wozniak, Petra Walterova

  • Samantha Rudick

    ITC, International Trade Centre ( Petra Walterova, Madison Wilcox, Ana Patricia Batalhone - contact persons for this organization in SxC), University of Toronto

    Position: Trade for Sustainable Development Consultant

    Working languages: English

    Skill Specialization: Communications, Community Development, Development of Trade Directories, Editor, Export Market Development, Negotiation, Public Relations and Media Relations, Report Writing, Web and Social Media, Web Design / Development, Writing, Editing, Publishing

    User Endorsement: Frank Eyhorn, Debottam Bhattacharjee

    # documents uploaded: 52

    # documents approved: 51


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