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GRAS – Global Risk Assessment Services

GRAS provides reliable information on ecological and social risks related to biomass of agricultural or forestry origin. It supports companies in setting up sustainable supply chains. GRAS directly supports auditors carrying out sustainability certifications and is an important information source for companies in several sectors interested in assessing the sustainability of their biomass supplies.

GRAS provides latest and comprehensive information on biodiversity, carbon stock, land use change (LUC) and social indices. The tool is tailored to sustainability requirements set by authorities, commercial customers and NGOs’. GRAS covers the sustainability criteria set up by the European Commission in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and sustainability requirements of individual companies and associations in the food, feed and chemical sector.

GRAS is designed to

  • conduct objective and transparent risk assessments for production areas or regions
  • identify land use change i.e. the conversion of forest or grassland into agricultural crop land
  • view protected and biodiverse areas as well as their strictness of protection and determine their distance to or overlap with production areas
  • identify high carbon stock areas and get information about the total carbon content of an area
  • get information about the social situation in a country regarding human rights and governance conditions
  • document the results of your analysis in a report
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GRAS Gloabl Risk Assessment Services GmbH Hohenzollernring 72 50672 Köln
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